Rotomoulding Powder is ideally known as linear low-density polyethylene powder is one of the important ingredients of Rotomoulding Process.

Rotational Moulding or Rotomolding is the process to make the large hollow products. It requires longer cycle time & product made from such process are durable in nature. For that the raw material or powder made a huge impact in the end products.

Since 1990 linear low-density polyethylene (LDPE) comes into the existence with rotational molding applications. LLDP is ideal because of excellent physical properties & ease of processing. LLDPE Rotomoulding Powder density is ranging from 0.915 to 0.930 g/cm3.

These Powders are made of using the high-quality pulverised machinery & the material sources are from the reliable & trusted vendors from the domestic or international market.  

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