Night Glow Effects Rotomoulding Powder

Night Glow Effects Rotomoulding Powder

It is always fun to showcase something new and exquisite to the world, and as a part of our Fun-loving yet hard-working nature, Greencoin Industries is offering Night Glow Effects Rotomoulding Powder.

Once again, with this special effects powder, the clients can create a range of products and various uses and industries. The special effect of it glowing in the night will surely wow anyone seeing the product.  

Technical Specifications

Packaging Size 25 Kgs
Packaging Type Bags
Physical State Powder 
Brand Greencoin  
Colour Availability Copper, Silver, Gold
Applications Planters 
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Usage Commercial, Residential, Industrial
Storage Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperature below 50 oC
Price  Based on Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity  500 KGs
Sample  Paid
*Note: This is the Standard Technical Specification, It May Change based on End Product Applications & Custom Requirements

How does it Works??

The night glow effect powder that we use has additives that capture the light when exposed to a source of light, and it can be sunlight or artificial light, like bulbs. When removed from the source of light, the product developed with the night glow effect powder will emit the light that it has captured in the dark.

Typically the stability of the glow is for 8 to 10 hours. We pride ourselves on sourcing our Night Glow Effects Roto Moulding Powder from the best providers and are of industrial-grade material. Furthermore, the material we source is from legally approved vendors.

The products manufactured at Greencoin Industries are of international standards with a good balance between creating durability of the products and the effects made with the raw materials.

This is manufactured, keeping in mind that it can be used for various products. Therefore, we ensure that the products developed can withstand extreme weather conditions. Hence they are moisture-proof and even heat-proof.

What can it Be Used For?

The material’s high heat and moisture resistance make it perfect roto-molding applications.

We also offer customization options to our clients with different colors. They can also be used across various surface types and for different decorative items planters, sports goods, and sculpture items.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this aesthetically alluring Night Glow Effect Rotomoulding Powder. In addition, you can get a free quote for the material and a sample of it. 

Available Colours

  • Blue Night Glow Powder

    Blue Night Glow Powder

  • Red Night Glow Powder

    Red Night Glow Powder

  • Orange Night Glow Powder

    Orange Night Glow Powder

  • Green Night Glow Powder

    Green Night Glow Powder

  • Yellow Night Glow Powder

    Yellow Night Glow Powder

  • Off White Night Glow Powder

    Off White Night Glow Powder

  • White Night Glow Powder

    White Night Glow Powder


  • Blue Pink

    Blue Pink

  • White Cyan

    White Cyan

  • Orange


  • White


  • Off White

    Off White