Water Tank Powder

Water Tank Powder

The Water Tank Powder is then put to a broad trial of Dry Flow, Particle Size Distribution, and Bulk thickness. When every one of these tests is done It is Rotomoulded at various PIAT’s in little shape form. The example is acquired from these solid shapes for additional mechanical testing, for example, Flexural Strength, Tensile Strength, Elongation, ARM Low-Temperature Impact Strength and so on subsequent to going along to all inhouse test boundary the cluster is checked and marked as approved for packing and dispatch.

Once all unrefined substances are finished through quality assessments, they are dosed according to necessity in a conclusive creation clump for compounding. Subsequent to compounding, we test gum on consistency and thickness to guarantee they are great for Roto Moulding. Then, at that point, they are pounded on with handcrafted portions/edges which guarantees the shape and size of the powder are set up. 

Technical Specifications

Packaging Size 25 Kgs
Packaging Type Bags
Physical State Powder
Brand Greencoin
Colour Availability White, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue
Applications Plastic Water Storage Tanks
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Usage Industrial
Density 0.936 gm/cm3
Melt Flow Rate (MFR) 4.5 gm/10 min
Tensile Strength Yield (185) (18) (2610) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Tensile Strength at Break (120) (11.75) (1705) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Storage Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperature below 50 oC
Elongation at Break 165%
Price Depend Upon Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilograms
Sample Paid Sample Available
*Note: This is the Standard Technical Specification, It May Change based on End Product Applications & Custom Requirements

The Quality You Can Rely On

We offer our extremely reliable Water Tank Powder at a convenient and cost-effective range of price. The compounds are planned and fabricated remembering the necessities of the Rotomoulding Process which requests brilliant warm strength. Every one of our grades can be rotomoulded with a similar temperature profile, as is being utilized while rotomoulding prime grades. Following are some of the exceptional qualities of our mixtures.

The Thermal Stability Is Taken Care Of

When the polymer is presented to warm openness, it instigates oxidation which can prompt unfortunate impacts like staining, the disintegration of mechanical properties and changes in liquefy consistency. We guarantee all our compounds are thermally steady by dosing Anti-Oxidants. We utilize a mix of essential and auxiliary Anti-Oxidants which comprises impeded phenols and phosphites. This guarantees the mechanical properties of our mixtures are flawless.

Manufactured To Last A Lifetime

We have guaranteed our structure of unrefined substances are chosen and mixed with extreme attention to detail to guarantee they interact and form on precisely the same temperature settings as are utilized while rotomoulding prime mixtures. In addition to our powder, yet even our Raw Material goes under thorough quality testing prior to being handled further. Every one of our mixtures sticks to standard PIAT (PEAK INTERNAL AIR TEMPERATURE) prerequisites which is between 190-210?.

We have our client established across the globe to guarantee the simple obtainment of our mixtures and we have faith in stringently holding fast to our conveyance plans.

Package-Ready To Purchase

The pack configuration is redone to guarantee strategic accommodation while dealing with. At the point when filled it comes to fruition of box that guarantees simple taking care of while stacking and dumping on stacks/beds. Being stuffed on automated pressing lines guarantees accurate weight, spillage evidence alongside amazing dampness obstruction. The sacks are set apart with powder group subtleties on 2 sides which guarantees regardless of how it is stacked, it is simple for administrators to recognize the material.

Available Colours

  • Blue Powder

    Blue Powder

  • Blue Tone Powder

    Blue Tone Powder

  • Red Powder

    Red Powder

  • Sea Green Powder

    Sea Green Powder

  • Yellow Powder

    Yellow Powder

  • White Powder

    White Powder

  • Custom Color Powder

    Custom Color Powder


  • Blue Water Tank

    Blue Water Tank

  • Green Water Tank

    Green Water Tank

  • Red Water Tank

    Red Water Tank

  • White Water Tank

    White Water Tank

  • Yellow Water Tank

    Yellow Water Tank