Pulverized Rotomoulding Powder

Pulverized Rotomoulding Powder

Pulverized Rotomoulding Powder is a butene co-monomer based direct low thickness polyethylene (LLDPE) grade additive with cell fortifications and UV stabilizers. Things conveyed by these grades have a by and large amazing concordance between mechanical properties and ESCR resistance. They have incredible hardness and shows extraordinary processability.

The Pulverised Rotomoulding Powder has gone to the front in rotational trim applications, because of their excellent real properties (dumbfounding regular strain break resistance and impact execution) and straightforwardness of dealing with. Our butene based Pulverized Rotomoulding Powder is noticeably suitable for rotational adornment consequently. 

Technical Specifications

Packaging Size 25 Kgs
Packaging Type Bags
Physical State Powder
Brand Greencoin
Colour Availability Red, Sea Green, Yellow, Blue, Blue Tone, Black, White, Grey, Custom
Applications Traffic Cone, Underground Tank, Mobile Portable Toilet, Ice Box, Septic Tank, Exhibition Tool Box, Playground Equipments, Truck, Mudguard, Kayak, Refrigeration System, Fish Box, Tractor Hood, Ice Box, Fuel Tank, Insulated Box, Tractor Interior, Marine Buyos,Road Barrier, Plastic Dustbins, Plastic Pallets, Water Tanks,
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Usage Industrial
Density 0.939 gm/cm3
Melt Flow Rate (MFR) 3.8 gm/10 min
Tensile Strength Yield (210) (20.5) (2975) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Tensile Strength at Break (120) (11.75) (1705) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Storage Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperature below 50 oC
Elongation at Break 110%
Price Depend Upon Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilograms
Sample Paid Sample Available
*Note: This is the Standard Technical Specification, It May Change based on End Product Applications & Custom Requirements

Consistent Quality Assurance

During the creation of Polyethylene (PE) a variety of stimulus and co-monomers can be used which also influence the properties of the PE. Butene (C4) comonomer is the most notable giving negligible cost, extraordinary mechanical properties and the most extensively used.

Greencoin Industries is one of the principal producers, suppliers and exporters of Pulverised Rotomoulding Powder. This can be used in various applications as well. This product has a great deal of interest watching out.

Reliable Regulations

Our products meet the need indicated in standard marks on Specification for Polyethylene for safe use in contact with food, medications and drinking water.

We Attend To Your Custom Requirements

Unmistakable rotomoulding applications can require different grades of material for express execution essentials. We produce alter grades by escalating different materials, added substances and by changing the pulverizing judgments as required.

Safely Packaged And Easy To Transport

The pack arrangement is revamped to ensure key solace while dealing with. The packs are separate with powder cluster nuances on 2 sides which ensure paying little heed to how it is stacked. It is straightforward for clients to recognize the material. Packs should be taken care of in dry/shut conditions at a temperature under 50 ?. Exactly when filled it happens as expected of the box that ensures basic managing while at the same time stacking and unloading on stacks/beds. Being proceeded automated squeezing lines ensures clear weight, spillage check close by extraordinary sogginess deterrent.

Available Colours

  • Red Powder

    Red Powder

  • Yellow Powder

    Yellow Powder

  • Sea Green Powder

    Sea Green Powder

  • Black Powder

    Black Powder

  • Blue Tone Powder

    Blue Tone Powder

  • Blue Powder

    Blue Powder

  • White Powder

    White Powder

  • Custom Color Powder

    Custom Color Powder

  • Black Powder

    Black Powder


  • Mobil Portabl Toilet

    Mobil Portabl Toilet

  • Plastic Pallets

    Plastic Pallets

  • Water Tanks

    Water Tanks

  • Underground Tank

    Underground Tank

  • ice box

    ice box