LLDPE Virgin Rotomoulding Powder

LLDPE Virgin Rotomoulding Powder

Greencoin Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Virgin Rotomoulding Powder.

The break obstruction ought to be a significant thought while choosing a grade of polyethylene for a specific application. When exposed to worry about a timeframe most materials normally fizzle by breaking. Comprehend that various grades of Polyethylene can display limitlessly unique execution regarding break obstruction.

The break opposition of a particular grade of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene is represented generally by the size of its atoms (demonstrated by its Melt Index) and the sort and level of comonomer utilized in its production. Comonomers like butene (C4), hexene (C6) and octene (C8) are responded into the polymer affix to deliver little side chains which thus make a deviation, or change of point in the atom chain.

Technical Specifications

Packaging Size 25 Kgs
Packaging Type Bags
Physical State Powder 
Brand Greencoin  
Colour Availability  Red, Sea Green, Yellow, Blue, Blue Tone, Black, White, Grey, Custom 
Applications Kayak, Refrigeration System, Fish Box, Tractor Hood, Ice Box, Fuel Tank, Insulated Box, Tractor Interior, Marine Buyos, Exhibition Tool Box, Playground Equipments, Truck Mudguard
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Usage Industrial
Density 0.939 gm/cm3
Melt Flow Rate (MFR) 4 gm/10 min 
Tensile Strength Yield (200) (19.75) (2865) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Tensile Strength at Break (125) (12.25) (1775) (kg/cm2) (Mpa) (Psi)
Storage Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperature below 50 oC
Elongation at Break 250%
Price  Depend Upon Quantity 
Minimum Order Quantity  500 Kilograms
Sample  Paid Sample Available
*Note: This is the Standard Technical Specification, It May Change based on End Product Applications & Custom Requirements

Customized For Your Requirement

Diverse rotomoulding applications can require various grades of material for explicit execution prerequisites. We produce tweak grades by intensifying various materials, adding substances and by changing the pounding determinations as required.

Available Colours

  • Black Powder

    Black Powder

  • Blue Powder

    Blue Powder

  • Blue Tone Powder

    Blue Tone Powder

  • Red Powder

    Red Powder

  • Sea Green Powder

    Sea Green Powder

  • Yellow Powder

    Yellow Powder

  • White Powder

    White Powder

  • Custom Color Powder

    Custom Color Powder


  • Fuel Tank

    Fuel Tank

  • Automobile Parts

    Automobile Parts

  • Ice Box

    Ice Box

  • Kayak


  • Plastic Box

    Plastic Box

  • Tool Box

    Tool Box