LLDPE Recycled Rotomoulding Powder

LLDPE Recycled Rotomoulding Powder

Recycled / Reprocessed Rotomoulding powder is the establishment by the development of essence catalysts. The definite polymerization process can be done either in the result phase or in gas phase reactors. It has advanced strength and better impact and perforation resistance. It’s veritably flexible and elongates under stress. It’s used to produce agent flicks, with better environmental stress cracking resistance.

We are offering high-quality Powder to our clients. In Greencoin Industries, we specialize in offering a veritably specific range of polymer emulsions that are fully used raw accoutrements in rotational moulding. We’re inherited by the time we endured rotational moulding. We have qualified professionals to emulsion every accoutrement exactly used in the Roto process. 

Technical Specifications

Packaging Size 25 Kgs
Packaging Type Bags
Physical State Powder 
Brand Greencoin  
Colour Availability  Red, Sea Green, Yellow, Blue, Blue Tone, Black, White, Grey, Custom 
Applications Traffic Cone, Underground Tank, Mobile Portable Toilet, Ice Box, Septic Tank, Road Barrier, Plastic Dustbins, Plastic Pallets, Water Tanks,
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Usage Industrial
Density 0.935 gm/cm3
Melt Flow Rate (MFR) 3.8 gm/10 min 
Dry Flow  21-25 Seconds 
Powder Bulk Density 380 – 480 Kg/m3
Storage Bags should be stored in dry/closed conditions at temperature below 50 oC
Price  Depend Upon Quantity 
Minimum Order Quantity  500 Kilograms
Sample  Paid Sample Available
*Note: This is the Standard Technical Specification, It May Change based on End Product Applications & Custom Requirements

Characteristics Of Our Reprocessed Rotomoulding Powder

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a vast range of reprocessed Rotomoulding powder in Rajkot, India. We offer different colour maquillage for rotationally moulded products. Different colours are available, more can be developed as per client demand. The rotomoulded powder is drafted using supreme introductory accoutrements and largely advanced ways and extensively used in the product of Water storehouse tanks, Vertical tanks, Road Walls, and Pallets.

Recycled / Reprocessed Rotomoulding Powder has great protraction and development strength.

  • High impact strength
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Environmental Stress Crack Resistance
  • Easy processing

Excellent Processing System

We’ve assured our composition of raw accoutrements are named and blended with utmost care to ensure they process and mould on the same temperature settings as are used while Rotomoulding high composites. Not just our powder, but indeed our Raw Material goes under rigorous quality testing before being reused further. All our composites cleave to standard PIAT conditions which is between 190-210.

Available For Supply

Since harmonious raw material availability in recycling assistance is a major challenge, Greencoin Industries has been the leading Reprocessed Rotomoulding powder company to ensure round the time availability of raw material of harmonious quality. We also have a vast deals network across India and in major transnational mainlands to ensure ease of procurement of our composites and we believe in rigorously clinging to our delivery schedules.

Available Colours

  • Red Powder

    Red Powder

  • Yellow Powder

    Yellow Powder

  • Sea Green Powder

    Sea Green Powder

  • Black Powder

    Black Powder

  • Blue Tone Powder

    Blue Tone Powder

  • Blue Powder

    Blue Powder

  • White Powder

    White Powder

  • Custom Color Powder

    Custom Color Powder


  • Plastic dustbins

    Plastic dustbins

  • Road Barrier

    Road Barrier

  • Traffic Cone

    Traffic Cone

  • Septic Tank

    Septic Tank

  • Underground Tank

    Underground Tank